my favourite colors

i love the white in pearls and clouds
i love the black in blackberries and eyeliners
i love the green in grass and traffic lights
i love the yellow in the sun and mcdonald’s french fries šŸ˜‰
i love the blue in blueberries and the sky
i love the red in lipsticks and raspberries
i love the gold in visa and stones :*
i love the purple in flowers and frosted cupcakes
i love the silver in rings and coins
i love the pink in pillows and my blog
i love the orange in sunsets and sunrises
i love the brown in chocolates and leather bags
i love the grey in the moon and eyes
i love the rainbow in everything


whats your favourite color ? šŸ˜€

9 Comments on “my favourite colors

  1. I used to like certain colors, black, white and blue. Then I started too see ina klshai lh 7alata! So I’m starting to like all colors! even complimenting colors like red and gold, or red and grey. Colors r fun!

    • eeeh i used to like blue almost all my life b3den pink b3den i started liking all colors , o i used to hate green šŸ˜› bas ina kel shay lah 7alataaa ib lonaah even black and white

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