a thought

there is no such thing called a white lie or a black lie, a lie is a lie whether its black or white , it hurts , PERIOD .

do you feel the same ?

15 Comments on “a thought

  1. Is that ur Napkin ;)?

    hhhmmm let’s see, well yes lies do hurt and i prefer being honest and be honest with me rather than lied at or to! But smtimes u just cant get the words out of ur mouth, specially to family members! But to my friends, im always honest!

    eeefff Noon u stink, i can smell uuuu girl LOL 😀

  2. hmmmmm… i somtimes want to be lied to. but i want to know that im being lied to!
    does that make sense?

    ps. i miss ur old banner pic 😦

    • no ur not making any sense 😛 why do you want to be lied to ? , i mean yes i understand the part where i want to know when people r lying to me but i dont like to be lied to

      wala i miss my old banner too , bas i feel its too girly and might give the wrong impression about my blog 😛 y3ne it fits a more fashinable blog , no ?

  3. very debatable;/
    yes i agree a lie is a lie..but i would lie to prevent others of being hurt..that is the only lie i would take part in..ya3ni for example if a girl feels a girl is badmouthing her (which she is) I say laa 7aram she isnt..not just to not hurt her but as to not cause any problems..

  4. lol

    some ppl are hurtful .. so sometimes its best when they lie.. i dont know.

    o 3l banner it wasnt too girly i thought it was “original” it was more about the (tones) colors than the fact they were clothes. bs kilshay y6l3 mnkom 7ilo ;*

  5. mmm sometimes lies saves us from being grounded and hurt too, we lie to save others and ourselves at the same time as well, y3ni lie shay small lies, and some people lie for a reason, so come on who doesn’t lie ? ;/

  6. hmmm !! I agree lying always hurts ! but sometimes you don’t wanna know the truth so you need to be lied on !! and sometimes being very honest may hurt who you are confronting ! so its better to lie in this situation !!

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