April girl- part two

IMG_4585 IMG_4588 IMG_4602 IMG_4603 IMG_4610 IMG_4614 IMG_4617 IMG_4620

 outfit details

jacket & Tshirt: Karl Lagerfeld, jeans: zara, sneakers: kenzo, bag: carolina herrera

  IMG_4689  IMG_4693 IMG_4700 IMG_4702 IMG_4705 IMG_4706 IMG_4709 IMG_4716 IMG_4717 IMG_4719 IMG_4724


outfit details

     vest:BCBG, top: by malene birger, pants: uterque, pearls: the pearl company, bag: BCBG, shoes: zara


IMG_4803 IMG_4805 IMG_4810 IMG_4813   IMG_4822 IMG_4823  IMG_4839  


outfit details

dress: michael michael kors worn as a skirt, top: BCBG, brooch: by malene birger, necklace: Meem Alessa, rings: vintage, bracelet: swarovski, bag: louis vuitton, shoes: jimmy choo

see you next month with our may girl xoxo

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