December girl, simple and feminine

Time really flies! I feel like it was just yesterday when I worked on november girl photo shoot. I  barely have time to work, run errands, attend events and work on my posts, but I’m very dedicated to this post and I will be back every month with different people and their different styles that I love. before I describe december girl I would like to point out that she’s a good colleague and a friend of mine! she’s an online shopping addict which automatically makes me the same lol specially that I almost see her everyday.

feel free to be inspired

IMG_0430image IMG_0457 image (2) IMG_0461 IMG_0468 IMG_0482 IMG_0507 IMG_0511 IMG_7633 IMG_7675 IMG_7677 IMG_7692 IMG_7703 IMG_7714 IMG_7717

just a beautiful curious cat IMG_7723



IMG_3125 IMG_3128 IMG_3140 IMG_3145 IMG_3147 IMG_3149 IMG_3157 IMG_3164 IMG_3201 IMG_3226 IMG_3239 IMG_3251 IMG_3260

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