november has got to be one of the busiest months this year,  I was barely keeping up with my work, family gatherings and the many events I have  been to all together. I just need november to move away so I would welcome december with a big warm hug!

what I love about blogging is that whenever a new place opens whether its a store, a restaurant or a cafe ..  I just hear about it almost instantly! and one of those places is frost gelato, a newly franchised gelateria from tucson to kuwait and the first in the middle east.

what i love about their gelato that it’s freshly made everyday and all their ingredients are imported from italy. oh and its guilt free! you can check out their nutritional information here

I tried almost all the flavors and they were all so good, but my favorites were

-dark chocolate

-salted caramel



and -lemon

IMG_5973 IMG_5939 IMG_5947 IMG_5948 IMG_5954 IMG_5955 IMG_5956 IMG_5957 IMG_5958 IMG_5960 IMG_5962 IMG_5963 IMG_5964 IMG_5966 IMG_5975 IMG_5979 IMG_5980 IMG_5982





frost is located in the avenues, grand avenues

instagram @ frostkwt

special thanks to Mr. Haitham Alghunaim and Haya Alghunaim for their hospitality and for having the time to tell us the good story behind frost.

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