lunch at The burger hub

a BIG FAT HELLO goes to all my readers, I know that I haven’t been blogging for almost a month now, but usually during ramadan I just get too lazy to blog, and nothing to write about, haven’t done or gone anywhere, just home, work and family gatherings, I’m back now with so many stuff that I would love to share with you starting with my lunch today at the burger hub that I had with my colleagues.
and yes I have changed my blog theme again, I guess i’m always indecisive when it comes to my blog theme, I like this one a lot, represents my simplicity and I get to change the header whenever I want ;D


IMG_0268 2

shirley temple and blue lagoon IMG_0265

stuffed mushrooms IMG_0269

shrimp bites, I really recommend extra of the sauce that comes with it, its soooo good, dipped every single appetizer in it

unfortunately I forgot the name of that dish, its basically rounded potatoes on top and fries at the bottom


and we satisfied our sweet tooth with that scrumptious cream ford from prime and toast ! such a happy ending IMG_0279


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