brownie hut

the very sweet owner of @browniehutq8 sent me a delectable treat to try it out, being the dessert freak that I am I was extremely happy!

I first tried the brownie pizza, I have to confess that I’m not a fan of any kind of pizza unless it has cheese on it ;P I changed my mind and I’m now a fan of this particular brownie pizza, a perfectly textured brownie topped with marshmallows and snickers. just add a vanilla ice-cream and it will turn to one hell of a delicious massacre.

IMG_6095 IMG_6106 IMG_6108 IMG_6113 IMG_6114

the brownie trifle : this trifle is extra creamy!, cream lovers this will definitely please your taste buds and I loved the fact that the berries are fresh which makes it more delicious but I would love to have my trifle with a layer of vanilla cakeIMG_6122 IMG_6120 IMG_6125 IMG_6127

a big fat thank you to the sweet owner for trusting my blog, good luck and I look forward to try new dishes

instagram @browniehutq8

whatsaap: 94939883

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