T lounge by dilmah

Saturday has got to be my favorite day of all days because I get to spend it with my favorite girls, some that I have met through friends and some I met in the blogging world which I proudly call my friends!

  friends that I love to spend my time with, I don’t think that I can ever miss our Saturday breakfast, because I’m starting to feel that its becoming mandatory just like family gatherings

every morning we get to choose a place to have our breakfast which is to us the most important meal, I haven’t posted any of our previous  breakfast gathering except for mrs whites place which I might post later

this time we choose T lounge by dilmah, a newly opened cafe and restaurant in the avenues just across espressamente illy

I started with  rose  french vanilla tea which was superb!


IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5565 IMG_5566 IMG_5570pouched egg mushroom on crispy polenta cake and Italian creamy tomato sauce topped with parmesan and parsley

IMG_5585curry sweet potato pancakes topped with spicy pineapple and corn salsa: if your into Indian food you will love this dish and I loved that it had pineapple with it, added a twist to the flavor

IMG_5587classic eggs benedict: salty muffin, pouched egg, butter, beef bacon and hollandaise sauce: this was my least favorite dish, I think it needed more hollandaise sauce


spinach and mushroom baked eggs and mozzarella: this is by far my favorite dish! or you can say our favorite!, hands down its their best egg dish


IMG_55923 bean huevos rancheros with tomato sauce and fresh eggs: not bad at all!

IMG_5593fried egg sandwich with beef bacon and yellow cheddar: I loved the egg and cheddar but I would really prefer if they change the type of bread

IMG_5594tropical smoothie: tea with orange juice, sugar syrup, honey and fresh mint, delicious and refreshing.

IMG_5600fresh orange juice


I hope you enjoyed the pictures, see you next week with a new breakfast experience 😉

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