I left work today around 2 extremely hungry counting the hours and minuets till its 4 pm to have lunch with my gals um 3azoz and @nouradrenalin , we chose pickles and it was a first for the 3 of us and we really hoped that the food would turn out delicious specially that its part of the epicure dinning,

its a soft opening so you will not find a lot of varieties in the menu




grilled chicken caesar saladIMG_3354

fried pickles ❤ all I can say is MmmMmmmm

IMG_3355Tremont salad: lettuce with baked olives, mushroom, avocado, bacon bits and sun-dried tomato


swiss mushroom poutine: crinkles fries topped with gruyere and emmental cheese with mushroom sauce


montreal poutine: crinkles fries with grilled chicken and emmental cheese and chicken gravy


short rib mushroom swiss with honey creamIMG_3365

stuffed portobello: portobello, tomato, lettuce with tomato jam and garlic aioli.

cooked to perfection!

overall the food was great, I don’t mind going there again and again, looking forward to try the rest of the menu

One Comment on “pickles

  1. it looks like a great place and worth trying! I’m not a foodie but I loved the way they represent their food and as a photographer that is all I care about;)

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