i remember once while i was checking  the boudoir instagram account i saw a picture she posted about a restaurant called voi, a french vietnamese restaurant located in za’abeel saray, i have never heard of a french vietnamese restaurant before, i never even tried vietnamese food and this made me curious of how the food would taste.

i googled it right away and it seemed very interesting, the location itself is breathtaking!

were just lucky that dubai is very close to kuwait, its very easy to get there, so I took with me my foodie cousin to go for a food trip during the weekend.

once we arrived at our hotel we reserved a table for two, you cant even imagine how excited i was when we got a confirmation.

I loved the fact that its different than any other restaurants, i felt like i’m in a white french castle,

shall we start? 


interior IMG_8070





the white door ❤IMG_8127






green apple and pineapple juice IMG_8078

amuse bouche: a complementary dish from the chef before the appetizer. 



steamed imperial hue dumplings: guinea fowl, spring onions and mushroom. this is the best dumpling i had so far! oh and it has an interesting story that i will post about very soon !IMG_8093



imperial hue spring rolls: tiger prawn, pineapple, star fruit and green banana, you just gotta love the mix!IMG_8099

bo luc lac: wagyu beef, black pepper and sweet potato, a total yumness!


french scallops IMG_8103

fried shrimps IMG_8104


fried beef noodles IMG_8109

one perfect creme brûlée 


banana flmbe : banana with honey ice cream and cinnamon: this dish made me speechless and thats all i’m going to say and make sure you ask your chef to cook it without alcohol .




this restaurant is definitely not for everybody! the food is not something regular that we eat everyday, i know that some of my friends and family wont like the food and would prefer pizza and burgers over it but i think it needs a special tastebud the really appreciates that kind of food, i challenged my tastebuds that day and fell in love with asian food even more! 

our bill? almost 80 KD and worth it, I really really recommend the restaurant 

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