receiving an invitation to taste food created by international Michelin stars is just overwhelming and I was more than overwhelmed when I got an invitation from hotel missoni to try cucina’s new menu created by chef Giorgio Locatelli and to see him in action!

now you probably heard a lot of complains about the service that day but i’m not going to complain because first, its not my thing to complain and second, we all know that  bad things happen to everyone and a lot of restaurants face a problem or more sometimes, and I guess it was one of those days

it wasn’t that bad for me and i prefer to concentrate and focus on the food and give you my complete honest review.


ambiance : was dark and romantic but hard for me to take clear pictures of the food



orange and carrot juice : fresh as should be 

chef Giorgio locatelli in action IMG_8037

chef federico IMG_8042






 3 course antipasti was perfecto! light and delicious ( molto delizioso )IMG_8066

prawn tonnarelli : i have mixed feelings about it, it was good but the tonnarelli itself had a strong flavor of the prawn, it would taste better if they could tone down the taste of it a bit, i would add lemon and garlic pepper and thats just my opinion. 


i’m not sure what this dish is called, either sea bass or marinated tuna with rocket, sadly i haven’t tried it but the girls loved it IMG_8074


beef fillet with green sauce: taste wise, it was good but sadly it came a bit cold IMG_8075

homemade chocolate: this chocolate was heavenly!!! it just compensated on everything and made me forget the service and every other meal i tried! 



they will include 13 new italian dishes created by chef Georgio Locatelli in their menu

why don’t you give it a try?

you can follow them on twitter and instagram at


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