le sushi bar

the beautiful marawei hosted a beautiful girls  gathering at le sushi bar at Alhamra tower in the VIP room, where we can chit chat, have fun and enjoy wonderful talks and food, these kinds of hang outs are my favorite! we need more of that.

The place: it reflects the simplicity of the japanese, very cosy and classy and relaxing in a way .





the food: where to begin and how to describe it? I havent had a japanese food in such a long time and when the food arrived i could almost see stars and hearts flying around me lol, I was spellbound by how beautiful and well presented the food was. everything was perfecto! fine food from the starters to the main course and the dessert! *sigh* IMG_5779


cucumber lemonade: my favorite!IMG_5785

strawberry juiceIMG_5790

sesame saladIMG_5797

spicy edamame ❤IMG_5798

yakitori chickenIMG_5800

crab saladIMG_5803

baked snow crab IMG_5805

Aura makiIMG_5809

crazy sushi IMG_5814

pumpkin tiryaki IMG_5816


beef tippenyaki IMG_5825

mushroom yakisoba (noodles)IMG_5827

fried riceIMG_5829


vegetable tempuraIMG_5833


shrimp creamy tempuraIMG_5837


date pudding



and at last we were served with green tea, a must at every japanese restaurant IMG_5856



thank you marawi for hosting a very lovely night and a big thanks goes to le sushi bar for their hospitality.

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