MMC catering sent me an invitation  to try a part of their restaurants which is called “rice” , its not newly opened but since i have never tried it I accepted the invitation, and im glad i did! the food we chose was just great, i dont know why it never ever crossed my mind to visit “rice” but probably because its located in a “food court” and i’m not a fan of food courts.


bread basket and butter the Arabian wayIMG_5145


i LOVED their ceasar salad,it came with cheese instead of croutons,it was different than other ceasar salads, the secret was in their dressing.


mini stuffed eggplant : oh boy that dish was exquisite ! one was not enough!IMG_5152


stuffed kebbeh with pumpkin: i liked it but it was still  missing something and i just cant figure out whatIMG_5158




kebab: was okay IMG_5167

and the star was the mrabyan: shrimps and yellow rice, just perfect !IMG_5169


Tea and dessert are a must after any meal!



thank you MMC for your kind invitation, I had a wonderful time and I have enjoyed my food

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