what do you do for fun?

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a couple of weeks ago someone asked me , “what do you do for fun” ? such a simple question that i didnt have an answer for. it made me pause and ask myself, “what do i really do for fun”? i didn’t have an answer because i really don’t remember the last time i had so much fun! specially in kuwait, all i do is just routine and its getting boring!

 I asked some of my family and friends and made them ask their friends, and what they do for fun?

watch tv, watch youtube, go shopping … i dont think thats fun!

we watch tv and youtube because we are bored, we spend lots of money in shopping because were either bored or we have a lame excuse that we have nothing to wear

I want to have fun like kids do! it doesnt mean that if im a grown up i cant have fun like them, when you ask them this simple question, they come up with millions of ideas!

what do you do for fun? enlighten me please because i need inspirations to have fun!

3 Comments on “what do you do for fun?

  1. For me cooking is a fun activity. It not only makes me happy but also excites me, fuels my creativity, challenges me etc so yes thats first. Other than that we make sure we play some kind of sports every week and board games every few days. Walk on the beach is fun too. Fun is also about being around people you really like. Just watching old movies together can be fun!

  2. Barbeque, bowling, shooting, horseback riding, jet ski/swimming/scuba diving lessons (for summer), shaab park or entertainment city (old but still fun for me), aquarium, I-Max or cinema, comedy shows, paintball, Ice skating, visiting touristic places that we residents don’t usually visit (Grand mosque tour, scientific museum, museum of modern arts, etc..), kiting, fishing, camping, visiting the circus.. That’s all I can think of. Please make a list of all the answers you get from the people you ask and post it here so we get some new ideas!

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