animal care

if your following me on instagram you would probably notice that i upload a lot of pictures of my kitty  Roxanne

to me shes the cutest most adorable cat EVER, but when i try to take her out to the vet or just give her a bath shes completely the opposite of the word cute! the weirdest sounds comes out of her along with her long nails which makes it hard for me to take her to the vet.

she was covered with huge fur balls and i just had to take her to the vet to get her shaved and thankfully  just in time i heard about a mobile pet grooming by animal care ,  yippee, i’m SAVED! 

i called them instantly and luckily for me they came the same day 

thats roxanne all freaked out from her first grooming ever, she looks like a peacock with all these fur balls sticking out lol.

i love the fact that they don’t drug cats like they do in other vets, i hate seeing my cats looking dizzy and not be able to eat or drink anything.

and voila! looking all clean and well groomed, extremely soft and huggable, i was relieved when they told me they can remove her fur balls without shaving all her hair! i cant imagine how she would look like with extremely short hair.

if your too lazy to go to the vet then give them a call and book an appointment

#500 15757




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