brush cafe

brush cafe and pink girl  hosted a blogerettes gathering yesterday to try their food,, and what a wonderful food and atmosphere it was, everything about the place is related to art, even the dishes were named after artist.

how creative is this chandelier?

who runs the world? GIRLS 

lemon and mint 

guess who brought her arabic coffee pot?

lets start eating, shall we? we all know that eyes eat first and yes my eyes ate all the dishes, everything was perfectly presented 

new york salad: i’m a huge fan of fruits being mixed with green salads, specially strawberries, oranges and mangos, this one was good but the dressing can be better. 

avocado and shrimp salad: it was perfect, perfect combination and sided with an even more perfect dressing 

Caesar’s salad 

halloumi sandwich 

turkey sandwich: finally a turkey sandwich that does not drip with grease! light as air! i would eat it at anytime of the day! 

tuna sandwich 

mexican eggs: eggs topped with nachos 

sunny side up: this dish has everything that i love! bell peppers, bacon, bread and eggs topped with cheese the more your fork goes inside the tastier it gets! I am head over heels over this dish 

what a sight!waffles

and the center of attention is …. 

the chocolate fondant: this is the prettiest fondant i have seen so far, and it taste pretty good too.

tiramisu decorated with peppero  i *heart* and I’m  not sure if i like the cherry :p

chocolate fondu 

apple pie

thank you brush cafe for having us and pink girl for being a wonderful host

brush cafe is located in al-Odailiya near kababji 


instagram: @brushcafe

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