burger boutique

i remember the first time ever i tried burger boutique, i was with my family and very excited to finally try fresh juicy burgers unlike the very dry ones we usually eat at junk food restaurants.

once i was handed the menu i was gazing at it for very long minuets clueless of what to order from so many sliders selections, i ended up choosing mushroom swiss slider and chicken bayou, in my brain i was jumping with joy and excitement to try the burgers and hoping that they would taste as great as i want them to be.

when my burgers arrived, they looked effortlessly gorgeous and ready to be devoured!

i grabbed my chicken bayou, took my first bite . . . . . . and there, i fell deeply in love, chicken breast wrapped with fresh vegetables like bell peppers and avocado with cheese and aoili sauce, *sigh* i decided that it will be my favorite chicken burger.

this is all me being nostalgic remembering the old burger boutique, when i heard that they were closing for renovation i felt a bit unhappy specially that it took a while to open again.

the wait is over and  they have finally opened! few weeks back i got invited to try their all new organic food and drinks,

and as always the burgers are just as great and mouthwatering, but sadly they don’t serve the chicken bayou anymore ;( i miss it and i really want it to be back so bad!



all the utensils were wooden, i’m sorry but i’m not a fan of wooden utensils, i think they give a weird taste to my food and the feel of it is just unpleasant. 

street style pommes noisettes 

fried sweet potato:  was okay 

parmesan fries 

mushroom poppers 

jalapeño poppers   

a customized chicken burger which was heavenly, don’t you just love it when you can customize your burger? 

under the sea: fried fish fillet with cheese and tartar 

 or lets just call it the little mermaid? 

skinny cloud : im not sure if its ice cream or frozen yoghurt ;P 

my choice: red velvet with blueberries 

peanut butter with white chocolate and candied bacon, yes BACON! how to describe it ? the taste of the peanut butter and white chocolate is great but once i feel the taste of the crunchy bacon it gets weird, im not sure i like the bacon mixed with dessert, lets just say i prefer my bacon with burgers and hot dogs!

have you been there yet? what did you think?

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