avenues phase ||| in pictures

i woke up 5:30 am to get ready to attend an exclusive preview tour of the new expansion of the avenues. i had breakfast at Brasserie de l’etoile with the rest of the bloggers and the press before the tour.

we started the tour at nine AM and just walked around and snapped pictures of almost everything. all i can hear is camera clicks with flashes and employees screaming and clapping with excitement at every new store opening.

finally ! a big Victoria’s Secret store

life is pink 

COS: collection of style 

West elm furniture 

jack wills 

jack wills employees 

my favorite starbuck’s so far! 

i *sighed* continuously  when i saw Williams Sonoma! 

baking cupcakes


 finally we have a fine multi-brand store! 

back to vs again ;D

I just adore vs fitting rooms 

special thanks to Alshaya and Hatem Korabi for the wonderful tour and a big BIG thank you goes to Alshaya company for bringing such magnificent stores to Kuwait!

have a wonderful day, and BE FABULOUS!

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