I recieved an invitation to try out a newly opened korean restaurant called Arirang

the exciting thing is that I’ve never tried korean food before, the only Asian food i tried was japanese and chinese and to be honest to some of us all asian food are the same, but its really not!

since its my first time, some food were just a surprise to my tastebuds! i guess i have to try it again to decide whether to like it or not.

the place is very quiet and cozy , great for couples ;P  and there are some rooms for family or friends gatherings to enjoy your privacy more.




the food

we were first served with tea, i gotta say it was the best tea ive ever had in any Asian restaurant here in kuwait, it was apple flavored tea. very relaxing.

baby omelettes ;D not bad at all! i kind of added soy sauce with it and it turned out good!

hashian salad: i would definitely order it without the chicken and add extra sauce  cinderella juice: orange with lemon and pineapple juice. i like!

california maki: crab meat with avocado and cucumber roll, i would give it an 8.5 out of 10.

vegetable tempura: i would say its a hit dish, specially for vegetarians 10 out of 10!

crab salad : crab with celery and pepper, lemon juice and mayonnaise: not bad

kimbap: rice with beef and radish and spinach: to me it was okay, i wouldn’t go for beef or chicken in my sushi, i kind of prefer sea food ;D 

shrimp dumplings: i can’t really give you my opinion because I’m not a dumpling kind of girl 😛 i always stay away from dumplings but my cousin who ordered it said it was great and that she would recommend it.

dolsot bibimbab : rice cooked in stone pot with vegetables. AMAZING ! we both loved the dish. 10 out of 10 

teppanyaki chicken : not bad, i would give it a 7 out of 10 

patbingsu: thats probably the strangest dessert I’ve ever had, ice cream with jello and beans, yes beans! i was looking at it to try and imagine how it would taste, it wasn’t as bad as i expected  i still can’t describe the taste, but it was definitely a surprise! and i didn’t hate it, it’s ok you can order it without the beans 😉 oh and its a big dish and i would recommend you to order it as a shared dish.

the chef and our waiter: they were both great and very welcoming 

Arirang is located in belhotel plaza near Almuthana, kuwait city, fahad alsalem street.

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