butterfly bakery

yesterday i passed by an adorable bakery shop in salmiya called the butterfly bakery, when i first entered my reaction was: OMG CUTENESS! pink walls and violet ceiling reminded me of my multi-colored bag ;D 

its their soft opening so they haven’t finished from their decorations yet.

that corner just reminded me of alice in wonderland characters, mad hatter and white rabbit where they were having a tea party dancing and drinking lots and lots of tea, no?

and speaking of party, you can host your own private party, reception or whatever private event and reserve the bakery for yourself with your loved ones ;D 

mini cupcakes topped with sugar decoration, my favorite were the carrot and chocolate cupcakes. very moist, not to sweet.


the butterfly bakery is located in Alsalmiya, salem almubarak street next to shaha complex near the parkings, and just across Althuraya mall, you can’t miss it

for more info call 50060020

instagram @butterflykuwait

20 Comments on “butterfly bakery

  1. When i went there it seemed to be a cozy beautiful place. Its a new other world, which we dont have here in Kuwait. I highly recommend you to visit it

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