farewell ramadan, hello breakfast

I’m feeling a bit emotional right now with mixed feelings about ramadan specialy that its coming to an end very soon and i know that i will miss it, it passed by so fast! , ill miss the prayers, the good ramadan food, the gatherings and i will definitely miss not smelling terrible cigarettes every morning at work.

at the same time I’m feeling a bit excited that i will finally have my morning coffee and breakfast! i haven’t had a descent coffee since the first day of ramadan!

since i miss coffee and breakfast, i know that the first day of Eid i will make me and my family pancakes and french toast drenched in maple syrup and topped with butter! , scrambled eggs with tomatoes drizzled with oregano, and if i had a waffle maker ill probably make waffles too ;D the next day ill probably pass by mcdonalds to get me a McMuffin and orange juice, pizza qaisar third day of Eid? why the hell not? ;D  first day of work ill probably wake up at 5 am to get ready to have my favorite blueberry pancakes at prime and toast around 6 AM ;D

im curious: what will you guys have for breakfast first day of Eid? 


6 Comments on “farewell ramadan, hello breakfast

  1. I want an herb omelette and lemon pound cake with icing and coffee… mmmmmm.. but whether or not i actually eat them is something else!

  2. Menu:
    Khobez erani + toast + khobez 9aj
    9a7an: labnah – ne3na3 – 6oma6a – khyar zaytonat – grilled halloum – Zaatar and zait whatever kind of eggs u desire

    Dessert: toasted toast khafef with powder sugar and jam – pancakes

    Drinks: Chay 7aleb – tea – milk mhayal – GAHWA and WATER

    O 9a7taaaiiin 3a2aalbik😘😘😘

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