baking tray Ramadan’s menu

i got invited yesterday to try out baking tray  ramadan’s menu, i was super excited that i went empty stomached, as i was seated, they started bringing the dishes starting with:

lentil soup: LOVED IT! loved that its a bit tangy, i just love lemon, i almost add it with everything i eat or drink.

jeresh mnahnah: never tried jereesh mnahnah before, so this was my first, was served with raisins which gave it a good taste! ill ask for extra next time i go! i love raisins, i can’t have my mahcboos (rice) without raisins, it just adds great flavor to it.

tashreeba: i think I’m the only person on earth who’s not a fan of tashreeba, so i can’t really give you my opinion about it. 

and finally lgaimat for dessert: i remember having their lgaimat last ramadan and they were incredibly good! yesterday’s were good but not as good, i love my lgaimat crunchy from the outside ( not too crunchy) and soft from the inside, it was a bit too crunchy though.   twitter


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