lazurd factory

i know i haven’t been posting a lot lately but i have been on a two week vacation and i needed some time off away from my laptop, needed to relax a bit and de stress.

i spent some of it being lazy watching tv shows and  some eating and shopping in dubai which i will post about very soon, everything from the hotel, the concert to the food… etc

and speaking of food, once i was back to kuwait i received a call from ansam518  inviting me on behalf of lazurd catering to visit their kitchen in Ardiya to watch how they create those little pieces of heaven, now how can i resist that! i was phyched!

as i entered, oh my oh my! a table full of coffee sweets that drew a huge smile on my face ;D they were shiny and colorful like pieces of jewelry. they all tasted great! my favorite was the red ones, flavored with lychee.

you’ve seen the chocolates now lets see how they make them.

everything is made fresh daily, no artificial flavoring. they use fruits for coloring, and they use high quality fine chocolates and pure cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

my heart melted ❤

the chocolate goes into the molds

stays on the side for few minuets to dry then it gets filled 

then covered again

and voila! a piece of art! 

i would love to thank lazurd for this amazing tour, such a wonderful experience, i felt like charlie and the chocolate factory but its “just noon” and the chocolate factory this time 😛

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