the perfect getaway

while i was going through one of the magazines i came across some perfect getaways that we usually day dream about while we are at work, some actually that i and you have never heard before,

after checking this post you will have more places to day dream about while your working ;p you never know, you might end up there one day.

first place is my favorite of them all, its called suite bleue located in northern lazio, italy.

isn’t it magical or what? lavender everywhere and that magnificent breathtaking view will probably make you *sigh* non stop. now we can experience what Tarazan and jane  experienced being on a tree house, but less of a jungle 😛

for more info check out their webpage at

second place is banyan tree mayakoba, mexico

check out their webpage here

third place is called ariara and its located in the philippines, such a beautiful breathtaking island with wonderful people I’m sure.

which one is your favorite?

ps: all pictures are via google

11 Comments on “the perfect getaway

  1. aaaaahhhhhhh la mo mn 9ijjech Noura!!! 3ad tadreen i’m dreaming of traveling but because of my condition i have to wait til December 😦

    the pictures are killing me!

  2. The tree house of course! I’m vacationing in Lebanon in a short while and seeing that photo made me bookmark the place and now planning to show it to mom hoping she would want to go as much as I do and maybe make a diversion in destinations lol. Desparate :p Plan B would be finding a similar place in our original destination. Research starts now!

  3. They’re all so beautiful!!! 😀 Inshallah you visit each one of ’em and tell us what it’s really like. I want to move in the Italian lavender farm shakla 5ayaal!

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