my little sister

I’m sure most of you remember my a friend’s lifestyle post, its been a while since i finally decide to post the second one, i have been wanting to post it 5 months back but i had trouble with my camera connecting it to my laptop plus i have lost a lot of pictures.

anyways, i choose a family member this time and to describe her i would say that she’s lazy, a beach lover, she’s a burger addict,  a hot chocolate-holic, a VS freak and most importantly she is my little sister.

since i see her almost every single day i decided to spend different days with her and have different meals.

warning: please do not read this post while your hungry!

first day: breakfast before breakfast, she had a muffin before having her real breakfast which was at paul, a place that i don’t really like their breakfast very much, i think it lacks taste 

her breakfast: poached eggs

my breakfast: omelette 

after breakfast we went for a walk with friends in residential shwaikh which is by far the best place for walks since its quiet and peacful. 

gossiping… … … 

my second time being with her she decided to make us egg benedict which surprisingly was good! being the lazy person she is :p

we went shopping at the avenues afterwards and then we have decided to have lunch at shake shack since were both burger-holics.

extra mustard and cheese

extra mayonnaise 

AAAND extra ketchup! why not?

i had salted caramel custard for dessert, i swear i was beyond FULL! did not have dinner for sure!

on our way back home we passed by Al Jothen to get some new nail polishes.

so many gorgeous colors!

since we did not have dinner on both days we decided to keep a day to document her dinner, only it was an early one, around 5:45 and whenever we think of dinner specially having it outside we usually choose johnny rockets

ranch ❤

half & half 

fried mozzarella sticks 

No burgers 😛

End of post. hope you enjoyed it. Peace!

16 Comments on “my little sister

  1. Johnny rockets oh god.. scrolling down .. hmm no burgers ..t7baaaa6t 😛 i love their burgers 3ndy wayed a7la mn shake shack !!
    and definitely loving the post !

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