just faisal has arrived !

Hello !!

May this post finds you all well.

First of all i would like to thank you guys for the warm wishes, and of course a special thanks goes to Noon for offering this great opportunity to write here! hopefully insha’Allah ill be Gadhaaaa !

Frankly i was confused whether to write in Arabic or in English, so i’ve decided to write in both! but as a start, and to not break the blog’s style *hmm* this post will be in English(Obviously!)


so who is JustFaisal?


Well, he’s JustFaisal !! A hopeless typical Kuwaiti. Yes he’s bald, yes he has a cute belly, yes he is into politics (And its not allowed here as per noon’s terms and conditions) and hes addicted to coffee!


he HATES football !

I have many interests to write about, mainly about food and cooking since I’m a strong supporter of Noon’s slogan: ابلع لا تخاف, Also i love anything with an engine from cars to tuk-tuks !


My next post will be about the beautiful town in the picture above. Can you guess where ?

Cheers !

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