two years of blogging

guess what! its my blogs second anniversary! WOHOO!! how fast time can pass?? it should run the marathon! no? anyways i dont want to give a long speech and bore you to death, but i just want to enjoy this moment and thank all who have supported me and encouraged me to blog! thank you to my blogger friends, my readers the active and the silent ones! and ofcourse special thanx to my family and friends :*

to celebrate my blogs second anniversary i finally decided to have a new banner design which is by the way a teaser for your imagination on how the results will be till the final design is finished, plus a new writer will be joining my blog! im so excited! and please take a wild guess and tell me if you think its a male or a female writer 😛

have a good day and i hope you all enjoyed your weekend ;D

19 Comments on “two years of blogging”

  1. Happyyyyy blogiversary! Keep the great photos coming =*

    And a new writer huh? I’ll take a wild guess and say it’s a guy.

  2. Happy Blogiversary dear Noon! ;** Inshallah many more to come from your lovely posts. Its always awesome seeing you around. I wish u all the best, and I’m loving the teaser already ❤ Can't wait for you to introduce the new writer! I'm guessing its a gal ;p

    Love u ;*

    • love you more :** thank you ! i have prepared some good ones, its been a while since ive last done something different, inshalah will be posting more of the color posts !

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary . keep upy the good work and thumps up on the new header love it 🙂
    and i guess the new writer will be a male

  4. All the love Noon @)}`———-_——
    Thanks for every sweet post, all the amazing efforts, you entertained us every single day so thank you, least we could say.

  5. first of all sorry for being late *ahem* ….Haaaaaaaaaaappy blogiversary to My Fav blog 😀

    ps: the new header eyaweee3 i luv it 😛

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