lately i have been obsessed with olloclip iphone lenses. it comes in 3 lenses, wide angle, macro and fish eye. i love the macro the most and how detailed it is, i have taken some images for you here using only macro. my favorites are actually where i capture insects. it changes the way i see them. very detailed i have to say plus its not easy to take a picture of an insect specially that they move plus they look kind of scary when zoomed. thank god insect are very tiny, otherwise we would live in horror.
the insect next to the olloclip 

and here it is through the lenses eye :p 

lace nail polish

ferrero eggs



ant on a cactus

illy canned coffee


rain drop

and the fly that we all hate, i think it has spretty eyes 😛 No?

4 Comments on “olloclip

  1. where can i get this olloclip? do they sell it in alghanim or something? your shots are amazing! credits to the lens and to your amazing eye for beauty.

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