little kittens

hello there, im back! miss me? i know i miss me 😛 hehe. i know i havent been posting a lot, been extremely busy and i have prepared lots of interesting posts for you guys.

my cat gave birth to 5 adorable kittens a couple of months ago, and now they are those little monsters running and jumping around playing with everything in the house, lucky for me 3 are reserved and im still waiting to find a home for the rest. the mom is persian and the father is a tabby cat resulting in short haired kitten which is i think is better.

the thing is im giving them away very soon but i just dont know whether i should let their mom see them while i take them away or just take them without her knowing? i will not take them all at once, each week one will have to go.
cat lovers any tips please? id appreciate it ;D


watching over them

with their big sister

16 Comments on “little kittens

  1. AWWWW noooon theyre so adorable! mabroook mayakum. I wish I could help and adopt one but our house will burst from the ones we have heheh. Hope you find a good house soon

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