dolce gusto

Almost 3 weeks ago i recieved a special gift from nescafe arabia, a coffee machine called ” dolce gusto “. being the coffee addict that i am i was beyond excited! what i love about it that it makes different kinds of coffee, its like having a barista inside your home 😀 i swear i havent stepped one foot in any coffee place ever since. im sure  you will do the same unless your the kind of person that goes to coffee shops just to hang out 😛

my favorites are the: chococino, cappuccino and the ice cappuccino.

you can add whipped cream and caramel or butterscotch syrup which i love!

bubbly 😉

i also had to choose my favorite followers to have their names on my coffee boxes, smart idea 😀

a special thanx goes to nescafeArabia  and “tala hammouri” community manager for the online project  for this valuable gift



11 Comments on “dolce gusto

  1. Yaaay, tastahline mashallah ;**
    I am not a good friend with coffee but I will take a cappucino 😉
    And about your question ( burkini), yes you can use it for scuba diving 🙂
    but let your name and your address, you can win one.

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