im on pintrest

so many social networks, so little time, but what to do? lets face it, were addicted to social networks as much as were addicted to coffee!

it was almost a month ago when i found out about pintrest and instantly fell in love on how it works, i signed up, tested it to make sure its not as lousy as path application and it turned out not. its a bit similar to instagram, follow, upload, like and comment under pictures in seperated boards but you can use it on your computer and you can use it as an iphone application.

what you do is make your own pins, mix and match and make a gorgeous pin. its great for those who are interested in photography so please dont abuse it and use lousy pictures. check it out and if you like it follow me

4 Comments on “im on pintrest

  1. Honeslty I stopped with twitter,,,there’s still Instagram, Pintrest, Google+1 and others for me to join but I just cant find more time for them 🙂

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