i received this information on my cell phone and i think its something we all have to share

KONY Who is that? A criminal in Uganda who kidnaps children right out of their homes, gives them guns and forces them to commit crimes such as murdering their own parents, raping girls, distort people’s faces and shoot people. Girls are kidnapped as well and held as sex slaves. Kony has been active for over 20 years now, and the number of children he’s kidnapped have been over 30,000. The united states are trying to arrest him within 2012, but their action will stop when they see people lose interest or don’t even know about this case. So don’t ignore this. Broadcast it. Even if you know who Kony is, definitely your entire list won’t know. And if you can, like a page called  invisible children on facebook. There’s a movie that explains Kony’s crimes in details 

please share this with as many people as you can and lets make a difference

all images via google

2 Comments on “STOP KONY”

  1. I heard mixed reviews about KONY, some say that the organizers refused to have their accounts and budget audited even though it is required by law for any non-profitable organization… or something like that…

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