mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all

i grew up watching disney cartoons and i got attached to them ever since, we all know cinderella, beauty and the beast, little mermaid, snow white… etc

whats very interesting is that how they transformed some of those cartoon characters to real characters in movies and how they changed some of the stories and one of them is snow white and the huntsman. i haven’t watched the movie yet but im very excited to watch it since im a BIG fan of charlize theron

anyways, watching the movie trailer and behind snow white story i just got inspired to do a little mirror photography.

and as i always say, i hope you like them ;DΒ 

ps : there will be a continuous series to this post if it turned out a success
all the photos were taken using my iphone 4 and edited using snapseed

enjoy xoxo

18 Comments on “mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all

  1. I love the 1st and the 3rd! So dreamy. And your kitty cat of course. Please include him/her in more photos πŸ˜›

  2. Awesome pix! and the kitty is adorable!

    I’ve seen the trailer a couple of months ago seems nice but I find it odd that there will be 2 snow white movies this year, Julia Roberts has one that’s coming out in the summer, Hollywood ran out of movie ideas?!

    • lol i guess they did! but i saw the trailer, i dont know if im going to like it but snow white and the huntsman has a twist to it that i like, i just hate that they picked kirsten stewart

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