february vacation

these couple of weeks i was feeling a bit under the weather, not sick but just not in the mood to go out or do anything not even celebrate the national and liberation day. so i just decided to stay home, read my almost 700 unread emails, read new blogs and ofcourse baked a little bit and learned how to make a pot de creme

since sharing is caring and i really do care i wanted to share with you a delicious fluffy banana bread recipe and a pot de creme.

one of the main desserts that i always perfect is the banana bread and cream cheese mainly because its one of my favorites as a cake, light, fluffy and moist!

banana bread cupcake

 heart-shaped banana bread cake

check out the food network for the recipe

Now i have always wanted to learn how to make a pot de creme but never got the chance to until yesterday, luckily as a first timer it turned out great! not perfect, a bit bubbly but great! its similar to chocolate mousse but thicker and to me i think it taste better

since the taste of food vary from one person to another i got you two different recipes with different ingredients, and im sure each will have a favorite.

i found one on  the foodie physician blog owned by Sonali and i must say she was very sweet and helpful,  she answered all my questions on instagram, so dont hesitate asking her questions ;D


another very easy recipe i found on youtube

i hope you enjoyed this post, give it a try and let me know how it turns out, happy baking! xoxo

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