En mexico

whenever i listen to a mexican song, watch a mexican movie or just hear the word mexican i just suddenly crave  (mexicano) food, and i have always wondered when are we ever going to have a good mexican restaurant in kuwait? and i have been waiting for someone to take initiative to open a good mexican restaurant, and please dont even think of bringing up taco bell or even thinking it!

the wait was finally over when i heard that a mexican food restaurant is opening in jabriya, you cant imagine how excited i was so i went yesterday to give it a try with fingers crossed hoping its as good as i want it to be.

the place was cosy with red walls and one wall with bricks centered with a long mirror which makes you think theres another side of the restaurant which i adore, gorgeous pictures of mexican people and of course what perfected the wall to me was frida kahlo  picture! i just love that woman.

lets eat, shall we?

chips and salsa:  loved the chips but not the salsa, not that its not good, but because i’m not a salsa kind of girl :p , i prefer other kind of dips.

fundido fundido fundido: i love the name and surely loved how it tasted, its basically a cheese fondue with fire roasted chillies and  a bit of a sweet taste, a dish we all loved, success! 

bean burrito : black beans, cheddar cheese and sour cream served with rice, perfect mexican combo!

grilled fish tacos: not bad, i love that avocado is served with it and almost all of the dishes since i’m a huge fan of avocados  

braised short rib tacos: which was my dish and it was the best dish i’ve tried so far, the meat itself is full of taste and of course theres the avocado 😉 , ive ordered one with corn tortilla and another with flour tortilla. i preferred the corn over the flour.

chicken tamales


chocolate flan : never tried chocolate flan before and this was my first but i just cant really decide if i like it or not.

churros with chocolate sauce: our reaction? 3AJEEB!  churros was a success, served with a bit spicy chocolate, not too spicy and vanilla ice cream.

spanish chocolate bread pudding: what i loved about the pudding first is its smell, makes you want to dive in it, the mix of chocolate and cinnamon just kills me, and whats so perfect about this pudding that it has no nutella! just perfect real dark chocolate which makes it a dish to remember and i will probably ask for extra chocolate.

 the owner was very sweet and welcoming, he accepted my constructive criticism and suggestions beautifully, i really recommend you to try En Mexico, they haven’t officially opened yet, soft opening from 7 till 10:30

its located in jabriya just near container 75 restaurant in front of champions gym, you just cant miss the red walls 😉

jabriya, block 1A, street 6

# 99111015


29 Comments on “En mexico

  1. For me? That colour of red on the walls is perfect!

    But come on did you realllyyy have to post a page full of glorious mexican food pics when im not reaching home except after 3 hours?

    Torture!! Lol

    I love churros.

  2. Yippie! A Mexican restaurant in Kuwait. The decor is fab! The salsa looks delicious and so fresh…….!

    I can’t wait to pay them a visit and stuff my face. heehee! If only they served fully loaded margaritas!

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