“The Adventurer” in me

back in 2007 i went on a trip to wadi rum, jordan which was one of the most great experiences i have ever had. we used a travel tour bus that took us from Amman to wadi rum, thankfully the people with us were very friendly and our tour guide was super fun! we decided to sleep in tents instead of a hotel to experience the life of a bedouin, which is my first and definitely the last!

our tiny tent

horrible! i swear i couldnt sleep, i blame the sounds of wolves and our tour guide telling me there were scorpions and they come out at night!   

we started with camel riding which sadly i dont have a photo off and then went off roading, i swear it was such an adrenaline rush that i dont mind doing it over and over again!!!

and the climbing begins

i regret not being on an air balloon 😦

after reaching the peak we just sat there and watched the beautiful sunset

good night

its a trip  that i really recommend, you dont really have to sleep in a tent, theres plenty of hotels where you can relax after a hectic adventerous day. the experience itself is great.

learn more about wadi rum here

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