the wedding expo

yesterday i passed by the wedding expo at 360 which was pretty good,  i wasnt fancied by the dresses as much as i was fancied by some of the jewelry and the food catering.

the way those two dresses were displayed kind of  reminded me of the movie bride wars

gorgeous hat!

jewelery and accessories from turkey that i absoloutely loved!

Al Arbash jewelry

if im not mistaken that beautiful necklace costs 230 thousand kd

probably my favorite thing over there was lazurd catering, everything looked absolutely fabulous, the food, the decorations settings, the presentation was unbelievably gorgeous!

the opening was a success! they actually did a little acting to go with all the wedding theme and expo, a bride entered with a kuwaity musical band, cameras were everywhere, press, bloggers and curious people 😛
i loved how the girl was walking with confidence while hundreds of people watching her and taking pictures of her.

and i had to pass by laduree to get me some of their delicious macaroons for my breakfast!

my recently purchased ring from sufi, the turkish jewelry booth which i highly recommend that you should visit! will only be there during the exibition which will end tomorrow.

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