CFA cat beauty show

a couple of weeks ago there was a cat beauty show at the safir hotel and since im a cat person i couldnt miss it! i have seen cats from different breeds that i have only seen on tv. i had this “awww” and “aaah” “so adorable” moment while walking around and seeing all these incredibly cute cats!

they were divided as cats and kittens, each had a judge and they were judged based on their type, hair, breed, how do they react and play and other stuff, all the cats were incredibly friendly, purring and looking so adorable!

royal canon and pet zone were one of the sponsors

some cats were there for adoption like simon and howie



poor freezing coco!!

british shorthair 

singapura cat 

that kitty was my favorite! wooosiii

watcha looking at?

and thats the ugliest breed and most expensive, the sphynx ! with all those wrinkles it actually had one of the softest skin i have ever touched, i think maybe if i shaved my cat it would look that way :0 

look  how adorable she looks staring at her judge! wesi! i wonder what she’s thinking of. 

hello, posing?


look at all that hair! mashalaah, if it was my cat i would’ve name it puff pastry lol 


i dont know whether its upset or that’s its excitement face. LOL 

some were extremely tired and went to sleep. *yawn*

got me a scrumptious mini kitty cakes made by crumbs

15 Comments on “CFA cat beauty show

  1. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK.. i literally laughed out loud when I saw the sphynx.. maskeen 9ij jaykr!! 😀

    thanks for sharing. great post!

    P.S.: if you want to see something creepy google shaved cats 😉

    • thank you for your comment, btw the sphynx is probably one of the friendliest cats, theire not very pretty but very caring and lovable

  2. It looked like there was a Burmese cat there. I have had 2 and she, Winnie lived to be 24 years old! Really! I want to get another, but have no idea how in Kuwait? Can anyone help?

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