danderma the barista

danderma was sweet enough to invite me to her “graduation” day for being a certified barista at gloria jean’s, i gladly accepted the invitation. for the first time ever i was a bit late for i had some car problems 😛 and luckily i found a ride.


 as i entered i found  danderma behind the counter preparing coffee for bloggers. it was so great looking at a kuwaity girl being behind a counter and preparing coffee since its a rare thing to see in kuwait.

i ordered caramel latte and to be honest i  loved it!  not everywhere and not everyone can make a very good latte and im kind of picky when it comes to lattes.

carrot cake

i loved how they made us these to have our names decorated on coffee, i just gotta train not to mess around though

scrumptious !


goose? duck? swan? not bad at all!  

after shes done with preparing all our coffees she recieved her graduation cap and certificate

other trainees got certificates as well. YAY!

and i got my goodie bag!

i gotta tell you, i think coffee making is not easy specially being behind the counter taking orders and preparing coffee simultaneously. it needs patience and a good memory which i gotta applaud her and every barista for that 😉

thank you danderma and gloria jean’s for this wonderful day, i really enjoyed it as well as my coffee.

4 Comments on “danderma the barista

  1. But if you have an iPhone or iPad you can easily become a barista, chef, baker, whatever you want with the Diner Dash series and more LOL! 😛

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