william powell once said “Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it will be the last thing your guests remember before they pass out all over the table”

i think we,  dessert lovers relate to that quote and specially me because whenever i leave a good restaurant that serves that amazing dish of dessert it will be all what i’m thinking about and thats what i exactly felt when i left laduree and i left it spellbound!

i was extremely happy when i recieved an invitation from laduree to visit the boutique and restaurant to  try their dessert.  it is what i love most in life, taking a picture of a delicious food and then eating it. such a happy ending 😀

im sure most of you have been to laduree and have had a taste of their scrumptious patissier and chocolatier so im just going to leave you with pictures to speak for themselves 😉

i adore their packaging 

isfahan cake 

ice cream will be available for takeaways. wohoo!

fraise laduree was fraise magnifique


took some home with me and mom loved the religius voilette 

religius pistachio got us all mesmerized!

special thanx to laduree and pink coffee for this very delicious unforgettable day

a tout allure 😉

6 Comments on “laduree

  1. I’ve always passed by the store but never actually got around to going in. You’re pictures are ALL amazing mashallah specially the one of you holding the raspberry tart. It all looks delicious 3alaich il3afiya! 😀

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