i remember when i first saw the video ( اصرارهم نورها) and how it drew a huge smile on my face , everything about the video was just perfect coming from young kuwaities, the music, the way they directed it and all those little details, it just makes me proud.

im sure most of you know the video, since they ranked first place participating in Wataniya Telecom GiveKuwait contest in Feb. 2011



Avalite, is a media company established a year ago by young kuwaiti individuals.  It serves and specializes in creating exclusive short films, advertisements, documentaries, and corporate films for a select clientele.  The company’s main aim is to introduce global standard cinema productions into the kuwaiti market through the use of short films, original ideas, and effective ads, and aims to reach international film festivals. Avalite’s latest enormous success was that of “Wataniya” telecom’s “Israrhom Nooruha” (“اصرارهم نورها”) TV and web ad campaign/competition for the 25th and 26th of February celebrations which was Kuwait’s golden jubilee.  Avalite has won the grand prize of the campaign due to the effective video produced and was sent to Hollywood to experience first hand the latest and greatest methods of modern film making used in cinema.

       Avalite’s mission is to create top of the class films in their area of industry that reaches their vision and satisfies their audience. Their vision is to make a change in the industry and cause a positive commotion.

Avalite is located in Shuwaikh Industrial, Kuwait
Creative Design Center, kcz-2, office 007



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