last week i received an invitation from MMC group to try sawah breakfast along with other female bloggers, i kind of love girl bloggers day out thanks to ansam518 . reminded me of our cosy lovely ghabga
we had last ramadan at lenotre.


while checking out the menu those lyrics made me want to drink coffee so i started my breakfast with french coffee till the rest of the girls arrive 

coincidentally the lights on my coffee shaped the letter N on my coffee 😀 and im so in love with their floral cup, its so pretty

all the girls arrived and we started ordering breakfast

mashroohat jibneh if im not mistaken

lahme ba’ajeen which was splendid, i loved the taste of soma’a , it was soft as well and yes i eat meat in the morning 😛


fried halloumi



my fattah which i didnt like very much, lots of hummus, not the way i like it, i prefer my fattah full of bread 😀

my creation which is rose and orange juice at every lebanese restaurant i go to, it was heavenly!

now you have to always leave space for dessert and thats what i always do

i chose rose rice pudding which was terrific, not too much rice, not to creamy, just light and perfect, i need some of that for takeaways

all in all i had a lovely morning with wonderful girls and i would love to thank MMC group for organizing it and for always considering me in their invitations.






4 Comments on “Sawah

  1. Weird thing! I’ve never tried their food.
    But after this post, I’m so gonna visit them.

    Thank you for sharing these yummy looking pictures (^0^)

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