zero degrees frozen yogurt

what can i say about zero degrees frozen yogurt? ever since i tried their octagreen (kiwi)  and those bubble juice bombs toppings i got hooked! being a girl whom is addicted to frozen yogurt i was very lucky to receive an invitation to try ZD yogurt second branch

im extremely happy that their new location is in Alseef  which is close to my house and  easy to get to which increases my froyo dose 😀

when i first entered i was welcomed by the owners , they explained  the whole concept and introduced me to  the new flavors, pineapple and passion fruit. i took my camera and started roaming around  the place before trying the new flavors

first of all i LOVED the walls, i was fascinated by the characters, i loved the fact that it was bigger and consisted of two floors indoor/outdoor seatings.

swing seats! isnt it creative or what! makes you feel as if your in a garden 

love the blue stairs 

i had a mix of original and pineapple froyo topped with blueberry, strawberry and lychee boba which i call fruit bombs! i loved the pineapple! ( ysarse7!) and i absolutely LOVED the feeling of those bubbles when they pop and just gives your tongue a tickle! not to mention the good taste! i wish i can have them as snacks 😀 

one of the owners recommended the zero blends for me which you mix your favorite flavor with fruits and top it with granola and whatever fruit or snack u desire. i had the original mixed with raspberry, strawberry and vimto syrup topped with granola and blackberries as a suggestion from the owner, one word : SATISFACTION! its a MUST try if your a fan of all of the same ingredients, if not you can just create your own which im sure you will love, im trying mango next time topped with mango and lychee juice bombs.

spin the wheel 

would you jump and say ” i love frozen yogurt ” ? i totally would! at home, alone, when nobody is watching 😛 

dont you just love their characters? their just too cute! 

i applaud the owners for the good fresh quality they offer in a frozen yogurt, for the creative designs and ideas behind the characters and what they represent, the fun comforting and relaxing side of the swing seats. they put heart and soul to their business as well as some other business owners i know which makes them unique and successful.

i have no other remarks or anything to criticize except that i hate it was at night, i would have taken better pictures during sun light :

make sure you  visit their webpage zdyogurt, like them on facebook and follow them on twitter 

10 Comments on “zero degrees frozen yogurt

  1. you cant seriously be complaining about the picture quality..they are amazing!!

    mashallah 3laich.. people like you are the reason 2 star hotels look amazing in the photos when I am trying book them w ‘dhaim when I actually get there 😉

    3laich bil 3afya.

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