A friend’s lifestyle

everytime when im at my best  friend’s house we almost always talk about the same topics, (life, work and most importantly FOOD) she suggested that every once in a while i should spend my whole day with a different person from people i know to see how different lifestyles they have, the fashionista, the athletic, the nerd.. etc.  where they work, what they do and what they eat and how they eat it and put all those lifestyles into photos.

personally i loved the idea a lot and i wanted to add it to my “must have post” on my blog . now i dont know if anyone ever came with that idea before but id love to see it, anyways since she suggested the idea i decided that she should be first and now without further ado i want you all to meet dalaal from visualdelight blog

 i woke up in the morning and i went to KU where she works, she was so excited that she welcomed me with a huge hug.  




 shes a graphic designer and she manages photoshoots for the website, she actually has lots of fun doing it! to be honest ive never met anyone who love their job as much as she does and what makes her love her job even more are the girls shes surrounded with and her supervisor whom she always talk about and praise non stop.

wall of inspirations

caffeine caffeine and more caffeine and sugar what help her overcome stressful work

for breakfast she took me to the cafteria and introduced me to something new that i havent tried mixing before, ( cheese saj with  burger kings hash browns topped with mayo and hot sauce) it was DELICIOUS! im not a fan of hot sauce but she tricked me into having it which gave me a migrane for a whole day! and all of that is less than a KD 1 :p

after breakfast a whole hour on tumblr during break is where she get some of her fashion inspirations

her must haves at work

bowl of unwanted coins where she collects from her colleagues to get breakfast, smart savings!

one of the reasons why she loves her work is the view! and what a view she’s got! im extremely jealous!

getting her head cleared

what she wore


after work we decided to go to pizzetta which is considered one of her favorite restaurants, lucky for me i love their food as well!

i tried to draw a heart out of my spaghetti to show how much i really love it !

after lunch we went to her house and since shes a fashionista lets talk a bit about her wardrobe shall we? shes dressed in nude colors most of the times,  LOVES scarves, lace and pearls, the picture below is a collage that she made.

she loves to collect antiques and vintage stuff and what caught my eye is an old qura’an that she inherited from her grandmothers grandmother, its more than 100 years old!

 fashion, art and astrology books is what she collects and shes ADDICTED to french vogue ONLY

another thing  shes good at other than graphic designing and collage is painting on a canvas

thats her pet KOKO and it is actually KOKO, it eats sunflower seeds and spits the  shell on you LOL!
sadly for me i dont have pictures of her dinner because she doesnt usually have dinner and that takes us to the end, i hope you liked the idea as much as i did and i will definitely follow more of my family and friends lifestyle, what i actually loved about the idea is that my lifestyle changes with them , i get to experience theirs and that takes me away from unwanted routine 😉

have a good day.

18 Comments on “A friend’s lifestyle

  1. she seems very class mashallah..allah ywafigha.

    what i really like about your blog is that it has a personal touch to it, its different from the other commercialized blogs whom i call sell outs.

    keep it up 🙂

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