The big three-zero

In few days I will be celebrating my birthday and the thing is I don’t want to make a big fuss about it but hey I’m turning 30! The fuss is all there, time to say goodbye to my 20’s and greet 30 with a warm embrace 😀

Frankly i don’t know how i feel but i know that i am thankful that I’m still alive, thankful for who I am, thankful for my beloved family and friends and all the lovely people around me, I love you all! 2011 was a great year for me! And I can’t ask for more! I just wish I can reach 40 and still look like 30 :p

Seriousness aside, suggest something crazy that I should do and won’t regret doing :p be creative!


16 Comments on “The big three-zero

  1. kil 3am winty bkhair w 3o2bal il 80 sina..

    nothing too crazy.. but a weekend with the girls in dubai should do the trick..

  2. An early happy birthday to you. Well I said it before and I say it again, it’s all about the spirit! You make your age and not the other way around. And you also don’t look 30 at all! So you have nothing to worry about.

    For celebration, why don’t you make some plans to try out new things that you didn’t try before? Shooting or golf at Sahara, Paintball, karting, fishing. Stuff like that? Or if you are able to travel, Dubai has many activities you can do, sky diving, safari, hot air ballooning?

  3. Happy Early Birthday, I love Sagittarian birthdays or rather Decemberian ones 😛 Hehehe and again like I told you on Instagram you don’t look a day over 23! Hence I was shocked to know you were turning 30!

    Bs 3oqbal million sena and it’s awesome nonetheless!

  4. Happy birthdaaaaaay! and many many more wonderful and happy years to come..It’s just a number don’t over rate it and u’ll be more gorgeous that ever :*

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