do you wear eyeglasses?

last year when i was in dubai on april 2010 i knew that i had a terrible eyesight compared to my cousin and i had to visit an optician to confirm it and guess what? i have been wearing eyeglasses ever since.

i always thought that most of the bloggers and my fellow blogger friends wear eye glasses and im pretty curious on who wears them and who doesnt. my eye sight is kind of terrible specially at night so i have to wear them while driving or ill probably end up bumping into a light pole or the car infront of me.

-do you wear eyeglasses? or lenses?

 – whats the color of your frame?

-when  did you know that you had a bad eyesight and how did u know?

-do you feel geeky wearing them? 😛

 mine is kind of geeky and im thinking that i should definitely change it.

im EXTREMELY curious! 😀

13 Comments on “do you wear eyeglasses?

  1. I’m blind as a bat
    Lenses outdoors (and indoors sometimes), glasses at home

    Silver half-frame

    Since i was 12 years old. I got moved to the back of the class and couldn’t read the board.

    I hate them and dont wear them much, although i get compliments if i ever wear them! My vision is very bad so the difference between the glasses and whats above the glasses gives me a headache.

  2. I have been wearing them since I was 10 or 11. My number is pretty bad over +3.5. I do wear contact lenses only while riding or if there is some occasion. Last year I bought these lightest titanium glasses from Hassan and the are the best ones. Don’t feel like I ever want to change them. Not ever going to do laser thing cuz I am just too sensitive with what I can see 😉 lastly I feel me and my glasses are born to be together so how could I feel awkward about it :p

    Btw I wear frameless Minima titanium glasses just if you are curious :p

  3. I’ve been wearing my glasses since 3rd grade. -4.75 in the right eye and -5.00 in the left so I’m basically blind 😛 And my frame color is metallic blue.I only wear it at home though, lenses when I go out. And yes I do feel geeky when I have my glasses on. But I don’t mind ;P

  4. -do you wear eyeglasses? or lenses?
    both, bel bet eyeglasses , outside lenses

    – whats the color of your frame?
    black & silver

    -when did you know that you had a bad eyesight and how did u know?
    kint 6\6 bs lema kint 9’3era blasht aqaled my cousins lish ehma ylbson o ana la lema t3wadt 3aliha o nthry qam yqel 😛

    -do you feel geeky wearing them?
    kinda 😛

  5. everyone in my family wears them but me.. i guess its genetic.

    but lifestyle choices play a pivotal role too- diet, laptop, smartphones etc.

    kilay kilo jazr 3la il reej kil youm w mafeech ila kil khair 😉

  6. I have one but i hardly use it! my sight is perfect but this one is protect it from night light coz it bothers me specially when driving

  7. *e7im* I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 11. Discovered my bad sight when I was in class, and the board was blurry.. been wearing them ever since (of course I changed frames along the years, can u still imagine me with round tiger striped glasses ;p) anyroad, Since I moved here… it got worse, so I made me new glasses. Vainglorious picked them out, said they looked good (Geeky ;p) black frames, with a blue stripe on the side ;p

    I hate lenses, not practical… I wear my glasses all day/night take them off when I go to bed. I have to wear them while driving especially in the evening.. coz I bumped blchabrah once ;p

    And I’ll forever keep my frames on ;p

  8. I wear glasses since I was 12 years old hehe and my numbers are -3.5 and -3.75 (the left eye has to be different all the time) and I prefer glasses to contacts but on occassions I wear contacts!

    I have well a thousand pairs of glasses 2 frameless ones, 1 half framed, 6 or more full frames hehe and well as you can see I’m obsessed with them! 😛

  9. Discovered that I had to wear glasses while in high school & been wearing it till the pass 2 years when I started wearing contact lenses.

    I believe glasses gives u a sense of style & it adds to ur style, it won’t make u look geeky if u choose the right glasses that fits ur face.

    Don’t be shy wearing them, just go ahead

  10. I’ve been wearing glasses for over 10 years now! My numbers are 2.75 on each eye 😦 Yes I do feel kinda geeky when I wear them but i do anyway most of the times at work..After that I wear my lenses :p My frame is very similar to urs with the same color too! But I’m liking the new ray bans that r basically everywhere; I think they look too cool for school :p

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