rip off?

i saw this cardigan online at saks and i instantly fell in love with it and since michael by michael kors recently opened in the avenues why not check it instead of waiting anxiously for the shipping


i went there and they only had the black one and to my surprise it was 80 kd! while at saks it was only 38.78 kd! including shipping to kuwait itll be 52!

now in some brands you might find the same piece of clothing with a different color but with a higher price and just to be fair i checked for the black in bloomingdale’s
and it was on SALE at the price of 29.86 kd! with shipping itll all cost 33.14

is this rip off or just pure business?

21 Comments on “rip off?

  1. This is why I always buy online from the US and then ship to Kuwait. On the positive side, Chanel and LV is actually cheaper in Kuwait when you compare to Europe or the USA. When you are spending that much money on a purse you can actually save hundreds (most of the time) by shopping in Kuwait. 🙂

  2. it is rip off !! same issue happened with me , saw a lovely dress by tory at bloomingdale’s store in dubai, where it was on sale at their website !! weird thing that the proce was even higher than the original proce ( before sale ) !!
    shall we do our shopping Online or wht ?

    • we totally should! we will save lots of money 😀 thankfully i do my shopping online most of the time as long as u know your size perfectly

  3. I’ve always thought its a rip off.

    If its a franchise then i absolutely think its rip off. if it is a separate brand or a reseller then in some way if you think about it how otherwise they will make profit and break even with the rent and everything else? but still.. from KD30 to KD80? lol thats a bit too much.

  4. even the other day, i checked an outfit at Wallis, the same thing costed half the price on the website (on sale). so much difference

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