jordan- refugees

every year i visit jordan a lot of people ask me ” what do you see in jordan?” “whats so great about jordan?” and “why do you love it so much?” well whats not to do and whats not to love? this country is full of history and adventure and im a girl who LOVES adventure! great monuments and temples, swimming in a dead sea without ever drowning or fearing a shark that might eat a leg or a hand or maybe a head 😛 exploring the history of petra. off roading, climbing mountins, riding camels and sleeping in tents and be a true bedouin for a day in wadi rum :p and much MUCH more!

those were the reasons why i wanted to go to jordan at first place, but when i heard stories of the refugee camps that my grandmother keeps telling me about, i just got very curious on how those camps looked, how people lived, how they work, eat, sleep… etc and i finally got my chance to visit the refugee camps six years ago to see how i can help and ive been visiting ever since, helping people became a need to me as much as i need coffee.

i took as many photos as i can to show you what they suffer, what they dont have and how they live and i hope it can make you see half of what i saw 🙂


as you can see, they dont live in camps anymore, but the houses are just in a very bad shape, no windows or roofs, weather gets very cold in winter, it rains and snows a lot, no medications, so many horrible sad stories that gave me the goosebumps.
wars dispersed them, they took refuge in jordan, some from palestine, iraq, lebanon, syria… etc

check out my previous post about refugees here

if your interested in helping, or visiting the refugee you can email me on for more details


ps: we dont work with companies or agencies, we just do everything ourselves with the help of family and friends.

12 Comments on “jordan- refugees”

  1. la 7awl wala qowata ella bellah, allah yfarrej 3alehom ya rb.

    alf alf el7mdellah 3la ene3ma elli e7na 3aysheen feha o allah ya7fethna o ya7feth baladna mn kel shar ya rb!

    y36eeen alf 3afia Noon 🙂

  2. been going to jordan twice a year from 1993 till 2005- akhur mara kint hnak.

    I have a family there, and I know exactly what you are talking about.

    visit il zar2a w r9aifa and say hello on my behalf.

    and eat mensaf til your stomach explodes -m3ath allah!- its the best thing since sliced bread 🙂

    I wish more people back home- kuwait- were as open as you. too much people nowadays care about mathahur.. and its not only making us weak muslims, but it is also giving us a bad reputation as a spoilt society.

    allah ywafguk dinya w akhra… w enjoy your stay 🙂

    • thank you bu 6roog, i went to alzarga, was my last stop there, very sad stories, im just hoping that this post can make other people to be aware of whats going on and to give them ideas, to be honest i didnt know theres was such thing till ive seen it with my own eyes

  3. Wish I was able to go with you wallah… nice pictures and very expressive! Allah yekoon eb3oonhom! Thank you so much for sharing with us

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