i have always been a blackberry user and never an iphone fan, always tell myself  “ill never buy an iphone unless it has a keyboard” , touch phones kind of annoy me plus its hard for me not to use the blackberry messenger since half of my friends and family are on my list.

the thing is i didnt know that the iphone camera is that good! it beats blackberry BIG time! plus instagram app kind of ROCKS! so i have been having second thoughts and lucky for me my dad has an iphone which he barely uses so i switched phones with him, not the blackberry ofcourse, gave him HTC and thankgod he is not into photography 😀

anyways lets talk INSTAGRAM! i swear ever since i tried it and my i phone never leaves my hands, its just addictive, it turns a pretty picture to a prettier one, enhances the colors, fades some colors, just  depends on what u choose

ill share with you some of my before and after photos, some i took using the iphone ans few using  a sony camera

pretty good huh? ditch that blackberry and get an iphone!

you can follow me on instagram @justnoon , have a wonderful weekend 😀


17 Comments on “instagram

  1. Been using this app for a year now and I still love it! I knew that most of the photography-holics will love it bs I didn’t understand why everyone was so anti-iPhone! It’s the best device out there and the pictures are beautiful!

    Love the effects that you used and glad you’re there. Enjoy it love!

    • ahem, i was an anti- iphone once, lol but the main reason that made me join the iphone cult :p is because of the great camera and ofcourse instagram 😀 and now im loving more and more aps !

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