painting my room

recently my purplish maroon room is kind of depressing me since its too dark, so i have decided to paint it myself to a brighter colour, i love the nude pink, its not too pink that you can match a lot of colors with it. and i never knew that paint can be so cheap! i probably saved more than 50 kd! lets just hope i can paint ! how hard can it be?

no i will not put feathers on the wall, its just an experiment

a dedication to my fellow bloggers ambroasial and vainglorious from desertblvd , sadly its just temporarily :p

will post the results once i have the energy to paint :p wish me luck

22 Comments on “painting my room

  1. I was wonder yesterday if you’ve already started painting your room or not? I want to do something similar with the boys and let them paint my room. What equipment do you require?

    • just go to abyat choose a color and pay 3 kd i think if im not mistaken along with the brush, i forgot to get a roller though, i think you should try for the sake of fun 😀

  2. That’s such a pretty color! And I love your pictures and the way you set up everything mashallah! 😀 Good luck and we can’t wait to see the result xx

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